A visa is a permit issued by the Embassy or Consulate of the visited country to allow a foreign visitor to enter the country for a specific type of travel. The Embassy or Consulate may issue various types of visas depending on the purpose of travel.

LABC specializes in expediting your Business or Travel visa application. We offer fast and accurate visa processing services and support.  Rest assured, we will obtain the visa you need in time for your trip!

Please select the country for which you need an entry visa:

* For help in obtaining an entry visa for other countries, please call our office.

Important information:

  1. Visas can not be changed or extended.
  2. Your passport must be valid at least six months after the expiration date of your visa.
  3. Processing time, document requirements and fees are different for each country.
  4. US citizens and most foreign citizens require an entry visa for travel to CIS countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and others.
  5. US citizens do not need a visa for travel to Estonia , Latvia and Lithuania .
  6. Upon your arrival in certain countries you will be required to register as a foreigner.  Please check with us for specific regulations and authorities in your destination country.
  7. Former citizens of the USSR or visited countries may be required to provide additional documentation. LABC will carefully monitor all regulations and will help you obtain your visa quickly and conveniently.